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  What is Love   (72 KB)   
In the Western languages the word Love does not clearly distinguish the various meaning of what is intended, "I Love God", "I Love my wife", "I Love a Pizza". Has the word "Love"the same meaning in these 3 examples? Certainly not. Instead in the Greek there are 5 different meanings for the word "Love".

 Law and Grace   (57 KB)   
Grace is defined by the Law for without the Law there would not be knowledge of sin and thus, without sin, there would not be the need of Grace, logically. Some unbelievers say: "sin exists only because God has imposed the Law, if He had not done so I would be without sin". But the answer is: The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil. (Proverbs 16:4) and Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? (Romans 9:20)

  Pray According to Jesus   (61 KB)   
By prayer it is intended a humble request of help to a person superior to ourselves that has the ability to supply for our needs, whilst we cannot. Prayer includes actions such as these: adoration, confessions, imploration, asking, make petition, request, expressing desire, humbling oneself with much thanking, in the view that everything depends on God.  Prayer is always an act of submission to another superior to ourselves. 

  What is Sin   (73 KB)   
Rom 5:12teaches clearly that "Sin"is the result of the action of a single man, Adam. Even if it was Eve that committed the first sin and that she was the catalyst that plunged the human race in this valley of tears, Paolo tells us that all humans have sinned for we all were in Adam when he sinned the Original sin and we all have inherited, both the due for his sin and a sinful nature, for all human beings were in the loins of Adam and are derived by him. Adam was the federal head of the human race.

  What is Faith   (58 KB)   
Faith is the sureness of things hoped for and are not yet seen, because It is based on the Word of God. If God has said it, it will surely be so.

  Adulterous Woman   (55 KB)   
Before dealing with this famous passage we need to briefly analyse the relationship between adultery and the Law of God and if this is still a serious sin in the New Testament (NT), after Jesus' advent.

  What saith God about Homosexuality   (74 KB)   
In these last days homosexuality is rampant and increasing exponentially. It is seen everywhere, starting from the "gay Pride"marches in the metropolitan cities of the word to TV shows and in churches and schools. Is so widespread that even the churches are paralysed by fear to speak against it in terror of being labelled 'non democratic' and anti-humane. In fact, it is democracy that has given a powerful stimulus to the irreversible growth of homosexuality. Now, we even have protestant bishops openly declaring themselves homosexual. Recently in the American Episcopal church a divorced man with two children and openly declared homosexual has been appointed to the position of bishop, no doubt more will follow. And woes and anathemas to you if you speak against this abomination: the media, the legal system and society and even the church are just too ready to crucify you. 

  Must Children be Disciplined?   (50 KB)   
With the advent of democracy, the feminism and the teaching of a certain Dr. Spock, it is now highly forbidden to discipline children. In some more "modern"countries if you smack on the bottom your child you are in danger to loose your children and have them assigned to another family, more politically correct, and you may even be put in jail.

  The Family   (55 KB)   
The family is founded on marriage which is the gift of God to reveal the union between Christ and His Church. The husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church. The husband has the responsibility given by God to provide and to protect and guide his family. The wife graciously submit to the leadership of her husband (in everything) as the church voluntarily submits (in everything) to the directions of Christ . The wife has the responsibility to highly respect her husband and to serve, as his convenient helper, in the running of the household and to care for the next generation, that is the children.

  What Price to be Disciples of Christ?   (57 KB)   
Our whole life and all we have, but then that is not ours: (1Co 4:7)  
For whoever desires to save his life, he will lose it. But whoever loses his life for My sake, this one will save it. (Luke 9:24)

  The Church of Laodicea    (52 KB)   
In the context of Apocalypse, Jesus speaks to the seven churches (all in Turkey) describing them in different ways. Some interprets this as seven different ages of the church, other as seven different cultures and Laodicea would represent our democratic Western culture. I guess this would fit rather well for we note in these verses the same 7 characteristics of the church in democracy:

  Deuteronomy 22:5    (57 KB)   
There are too may preachers today that are extremely scared to touch this subject even with the proverbial ten feet pole, for they are fearing to offend a new arrival or a new believer. The truth is that when modesty is part of the whole package, the new arrivals will take note of the situation and will follow the pious example. Anyway, the problem is not that the people of the world do not know better, indeed the problem is that, apparently, the church does not know better.

  In what sense is the Holy Spirit grieved?   (54 KB)   
These verses are generally interpreted to mean that man has power over the Holy Spirit to control and influence Him in some ways. The human perversion, the arrogance and his delusion are so great to fantasize a god of his image over which he has ascendancy.

  Are Dead Infants Saved?   (58 KB)   
The argument is complex and surely we must be confident that God will only do what is right judging righteously, according to His will and His pleasure. Not much is written on the argument and this makes the interpretation rather difficult for at least two reasons: little is said in the Bible on the subject and, secondly, no one likes to contemplate that children, so called innocent, go to Hell.

  Church Government   (59 KB)   
For this reason God has given a clear government to His Church. To strongly notice, that the Church of God is not a Democracy but a Theocracy.

  Preordination   (48 KB)   
It is God that decided to create us as He pleased, of His own initiative, and to keep us alive and to make us die and to call His own at the opportune moment according to His pleasure. It is Him that has decided and actuated all He wanted, and He is all in All.

  Of Many Words there is NO End   (67 KB)   
Much speech involves risk of sin; hence the wisdom of restraining the tongue where a great deal is said, without care and forethought, there will not only be many wicked things uttered, but much falsehood, and at least many idle things, which cannot be excused from sin.

  The Prodigal's Father   (50 KB)   
This Parable of Jesus is not so much about the Prodigal son or his brother, but depicts the great love and forgiving heart of the father. The father is of course God, whilst the prodigal is wayward humanity and the brother is the religious side of man. This Parable could correctly be called: "The Parable of the Loving Father"

  Marriage - Divorce - Marriage   (52 KB)   
For the hardness of man's hard heart God has permitted the divorce for only two reasons:
1. Fornication of all types (as He has done with Israel)
2. If the unbeliever abandons the believer for reason of Christ
In only these two cases the believer is free from the bondage of that marriage, he can divorce legally and can remarry, but only with a believer in the Lord.

  Is Laying of Hands for Today?   (51 KB)   
Definitely YES; as this article demonstrates. However, as every thing with God, it must be done all in order and according to His rules. In general the approach would be this: Do not take up any ministry for which you are not spiritually empowered and laying of hands is one of those. Only those who are properly authorized and qualified and in order with the Lord should perform the laying of hands and God will work through such persons. Also do not be injudicious in doing that: "Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, nor take part in the sins of others; keep yourself pure."(1Ti 5:22)

  The Evil of Cultural Christianity   (61 KB)   
A cultural Christian is one who was possibly raised in a Christian community, but does not follow the Christian religion seriously. Cultural christian is a broad term describing individuals who identify themselves as Christian, but who generally would not be described by real Christians as active in their faith. Others to describe these individuals usually use the term pejoratively; to mean that their spiritual understanding or practice is displayed as underdeveloped or superficial and not relevant to their daily lives.

  NO Other Name    (65 KB)   
Men are great rationalizers and every man thinks of his beliefs as being the right one, well of course, otherwise one would have a split mind and be a hypocrite, though not an impossible thing. For this reason most religions have the tendency to exclude all other. Orthodox Jews claim to have the true path. Muslims claim to have the best revelation of God. Hindus believe that they are right, and Buddhists believe what they do, not surprisingly, because they think it is correct. Even the modern pluralists believe that pluralism is more right than other ideas. An aphorism: "Every single man in his own eyes thinks to be correct and everyone else wrong."

  Can a Christian Refuse Communion    (51 KB)   
A true Christian believer cannot refuse the Holy Supper because it is a command form the Lord that paid a high price for his salvation, therefore he belongs to the Lord and as a slave of Christ he cannot decide whether to take it or not. Jesus' command to: this do in remembrance of Me is without conditions.

  Jesus Wept   (44 KB)   
Most modern romantic expositors and preachers interpret His weeping to mean that Jesus was sorrowful for the fact that Lazarus had died, in line with the reaction of the bystanders in that scene: "Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!"(Joh 11:36) But this is an unreasonable and an implausible explanation, given His full knowledge that He was about to resurrect Lazarus: "These things said he: and after that he said to them, Our friend Lazarus sleeps; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep."(Joh 11:11)sleep being synonymous to death in Biblical terms.

  God loves the Sinner and hates only his Sins?   (47 KB)   
Superficially the phrase seems like a nice idea. Basically it is meant as an admonition to be nice to everyone, regardless of ideology, but lovingly stand against their non-Christian lifestyles, behaviours, etc. Of course we are called by our God to "be nice to everyone", to be civil and to live in peace with all, as long as it depends on us, it is the right thing to do. However such thinking may be a nice fluffy Evangelical ideal, but it is not in the vocabulary of the Bible of God and it is certainly not part of true Christianity.

  The Sower and the Grounds   (59 KB)   
Who is the Sower? Jesus Christ is the Master Sower, and all the men He commissions to spread the Seed all over the World are His sub-sowers (Mar 16:15). Who is the Seed? The Seed is the Gospel, the Good news, the Knowledge to Salvation in Christ, the ONLY revelation of God to men Deu 29:29. ALL we know about God is what He has chosen to reveal of Himself in His Word, the Bible. The seed is "the Word of the Kingdom."

  Hell description   (67 KB)   
This essential doctrine not only is not preached, but many modern churches negate it entirely. Personally i know of a church that by amalgamating with other two congregation about 25 years ago made up a number of about 500,000 souls. Now they number below 200,000. How did they reduced themselves so in only 25 years? They have welcome the world in their bosom and the democratic dictates by putting women on the pulpit, by preaching that in the end All will be saved, thus negating the atonement of Christ and consequently the existence of Hell. In other words this 'church' has become a nice democratic social club. (2Ti 3:5) Now they have approved of homosexuals as Pastors and Elders, and by extension there will be no need of Christ for salvation because God is only love and will save All and the Bible will be for them only a collection of archaic fairy tales.