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of aymon de albatrus

  1. A problem cannot exist without at least one solution

  2. Your brilliant idea is what someone else told you months ago

  3. My son, no man has ever understood women and you will not be the first one

  4. There are 2 types of people: those who rule and those who are ruled; if you do not rule you are ruled

  5. If you do not know what to do, others will soon tell you

  6. Leadership is another word to describe bullying people around

  7. Affirmative action is the modern way to implement negative discrimination towards men

  8. Fashion is collective brainwashing to rake your money

  9. In this society competition is a necessary evil to suppress another evil: GREED

  10. Competition is the art of vanquish others

  11. There is no competition in the Kingdom of God

  12. Sport is a way to kill someone without spilling blood, on the main

  13. Sport is a useful mean of mass control, to keep people from rioting and to keep revolutions at bay

  14. Sport is a good substitute to war

  15. Sport is good training for war

  16. Sport is a good palliative for the people

  17. It is far better to be with the Lord than in this wonderful world

  18. Our best achievement is but dung to the Lord

  19. Egalitarian leadership is a sure way to end up on the rocks

  20. If you have nothing to do, the evil one will soon find something for you

  21. The state of a society is measured by the behaviour of its women for they are the thermometer thereof

  22. Human are so attached to life, and Yet death is at the door

  23. Democracy is the latest failure of human government

  24. Democracy has mentally castrated man

  25. Of many words, there is no end

  26. Confronting ideas is another way for others to impose theirs on yours

  27. Each of us perceives himself as the centre of the universe

  28. There is no wisdom without a white beard, but white beard does not always mean wisdom

  29. Eternal love exists only in God

  30. Who cries out for equality, in effects wants superiority

  31. God created woman for the man, not man for the woman, without the man there is no reason for woman to exist

  32. Politics is to do all one can to prevent the political adversary to put into practice what he has promised, for then to accuse him of not putting into practice what he has promised

  33. A fool and his money are soon parted

  34. The Cemetery is full of people that were right AND insisted on taking it.

  35. Communication companies are becoming very rich because people must talk

  36. If people were to use only the necessary words to communicate, a great silence would descend on the earth

  37. Any form of organism has to grow, otherwise it dies

  38. Expressing yourself honestly with humans will only gain you enemies

  39. Humans want a god over which they have control

  40. The only way to deal with your ego is to kill it, real good

  41. All the parking spots are in Hell, there is none free, but you have to find one

  42. Some women are not very intelligent, for besides the punishment that God gave to woman they insist in having also the one He gave to man.

  43. Life is a sequence of problems, till one dies.

  44. If a man is ruled by woman, his life is finished

  45. The Dentist alleviates the mouth and the purse, but after you feel better

  46. The Doctor is a pain to restore your organism

  47. The gain of woman is the loss of man

  48. In an English restaurant you can hear a fly, fly by; but in an Italian restaurant you cannot hear a tractor passing by

  49. Modern Democracy should be relabelled "Tyrannocracy", for its imposition of egalitarian quotas

  50. There is one thing to learn from History, and that is that nobody learns from History

  51. Knowledge is like tiles on the wall, it is waste of time to discuss the seventeenth with someone that only knows five

  52. It is easy to promise payments, but difficult to deliver

  53. God has placed the whole government in the hands of the man, NOT of the woman, for this the Prophet laments: "Women rule over the men. My people, your rulers cause you to go astray and destroy the way of your paths."

  54. A secret is no more when another person knows about it

  55. There is never enough time available to do what one does not want to do

  56. Everyone thinks of self as being smarter than the other guy

  57. Man leaves this world with the same things he came in with, that is: NOTHING

  58. It is God that administer Life and Death to everyone, at His will

  59. Terrorists, democratically elected, are still terrorists, and must be rejected

  60. The war is lost with the first signs of doubts in own cause

  61. It is written that Jesus cried, but not that He laughed

  62. In any conflict the first causality is TRUTH

  63. Democracy and Patriarchy are mutually exclusive

  64. Our all important lives leave the same record as that of raining water, e.g. none

  65. Today’s taxation, very carefully ensures the water level just under the chin, not over the nose, for the contributor would die or rebel, and NOT under the knee for he would be free to run and not be fleeced

  66. Humans in their ego are just excreta making machines

  67. If you live long enough, you too will be old, one day

  68. After much talking, little is done

  69. I never get lost, for everyone tells me where to go and what to do

  70. Both men and women are born between faeces and urine

  71. If you want something done do not give it to someone that has nothing to do

  72. When I get up in the morning I look forwards to the highlight of the day – coming back to bed

  73. If you have nothing to say, the best thing to do is to say nothing

  74. Every single man in his own eyes thinks to be correct and everyone else wrong

  75. There is no victory in discord

  76. The only useful thing we take out of this world is the knowledge of God

  77. You have heard it said: "God hates the sin but loves the sinner", but ask I: "does God sends the sinner's sin to Hell, or the sinner himself ???"

  78. The only thing a mad "dog" understands is a solid kick in the snout

  79. If it is a question of money, no next-of-kin matters

  80. Little girls are delicious,   ….  But then they turn into modern women

  81. French Proverb - To be happy in this world one needs 3 things: Health, some Money and Stupidity, BUT if Stupidity is missing, then all is lost

  82. "If God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, then God is God and Arminianism is false; if God does not have these 3 attributes, then God is not God and Arminianism may be true"

  83. A slothful student that takes the right road will find the truth, but a studious scholar that takes the wrong road will never find the truth

  84. Democracy, as expressed today, is mutually exclusive with true Religion

  85. Modern women want to be surrogate males, but they are still women, and a bad expression at that

  86. The first cornerstone building block for a man to be of character is that he be a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ

  87. The exaltation of the woman is the demise of the family

  88. Trying to appease a mad person is pure madness

  89. Destroy the figure of the father and you have destroyed the family

  90. All, but all, that you know is not from you but from others that gave it to you

  91. Democracy is especially design to put woman in ascendancy over men

  92. Democracy is the West’s Achilles’ heel, to its doom

  93. In this world there are only two camps: God’s or Satan’s. If you can readily acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord, Owner and Saviour, you are in the camp of God; otherwise you are in that of Satan

  94. Our offers to God are like making excreta in a vase and then lifting it up saying: “Look, o God, what i have done for you!”

  95. The value of our worth is like a zero with the rim removed

  96. Democracy is the worst form of government that males have devised against themselves

  97. A fool is known by his very many rambling words

  98. In the multitude of words falsehood is always present

  99. And they lived happily ever after, arguing every day

  100. Eve committed the first sin and was the catalyst to make Adam fall; Truly there’re is nothing new under the sun

  101. If you want to win, then you must be prepared to lose

  102. Before resolving a problem, there must be an admission that the problem is there

  103. Democracy is Female

  104. Today is a magnificent day, one day less on this marvellous earth and one day less to be with the Lord

  105. The only thing of good worth that a man can teach another is the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, but if he knows it already, then he can teach him nothing

  106. If two or more people join together then one will take the leadership

  107. Democracy is against the precepts of God, thus it is from the Pit

  108. Our own religion is the only one true, all the others are false

  109. Democracy is the Achilles' heel of our Western society and its Trojan horse

  110. Democracy is to us what the wooden horse of Ulysses was to the Trojans

  111. Up to death, we arrive alive

  112. Democracy makes women believe that they are men

  113. In the twenty-first century society has reached the bottom where men are fearful of women, but women have no fear of men

  114. Democracy has put women to rule over men, to lead them astray, and to pervert the way of their paths (Isaiah)

  115. It is ingrained in human nature to change what others have done

  116. If one is willing to do a thing, he will find all the reasons to do it; and if not willing, then he will find all the reasons for not doing it

  117. We highly brag about ourselves and believe to be something, but in effect we are nothing but slaves and unworthy at that

  118. Commonly it is said: "now i will enjoy myself (in sin) and will convert just before dying", but the truth is that people die as they lived

  119. Firstly a man gets an idea, and then he does all he can to find proofs for it.

  120. It is impossible to reason with an arrogant person full of himself. 

  121. The good time for decision is .. NOW

  122. People criticise your position in order to implement their own position

  123. So says every man: "everyone is mad, except you and i, but about you i am not so sure"

  124. No amount of debating has ever changed anyone else's opinion

  125. Shopping, Fashion and Democracy are perfectly suited for the female species

  126. When in doubt, then leave it out

  127. God is not subject to His creation, but creation is totally dependent on Him

  128. What counts is not how much one does for the Lord, but how much one obeys His commands

  129. Doctors do not want that you die, nor they want that you get well, for otherwise they will loose their assured income

  130. It is either: I lead or you lead, otherwise there is no alternative but to go our separate ways for no two persons think alike.